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Xabier Durruti, CEO of, is a Cyber Intelligence Specialist Technician and researcher in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). He carries out security audits on companies, organizations, groups, institutions and people individually to prevent the theft of sensitive, confidential or classified information. In addition, he offers counter-espionage techniques to companies or anyone who believes they need it.

He gives talks on security and data protection.

He performs recovery work for deleted or lost data from mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets) as well as computers or hard drives.

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Proton Mail

Secure email that protects your privacy

Keep your conversations private. Proton Mail is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.

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Proton VPN

Browse privately with a secure VPN

Protect yourself online with a fast and reliable VPN.

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Proton Drive

Free secure cloud storage with Proton Drive

Proton Drive is an end-to-end encrypted Swiss vault for your files that protects your data.

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Proton Calendar

Your schedule is worth protecting

Your calendar is a record of your life. Proton Calendar helps keep it private.

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Proton Pass

Open-source and encrypted password manager

Proton Pass secures your passwords and identity with end-to-end encryption.

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Secure Communication for Individuals with Threema

No collection of user data. Open Source.

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Thanks to consistent end-to-end encryption, no one other than the intended recipient can read transmitted messages, not even Threema as the service operator. It’s not required to provide any personal data whatsoever: If so desired, Threema can be used completely anonymously, i.e., without disclosing one’s phone number or email address. Threema was built from the ground up with data protection and privacy in mind (Privacy by Design), which is why only as little metadata as possible is generated when using the service.

Threema is 100% Swiss Made, hosts its own servers in Switzerland*, and, unlike US services (which are subject to the CLOUD Act, for example), it is fully GDPR-compliant.

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The best privacy online

Browse privately. Search privately. And ditch Big Tech.

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The internet is a sea of ads, hackers, and echo chambers. Big Tech makes huge profits off our data, and tells us what’s true and what’s not. Brave is fighting back.

Brave is on a mission to protect your privacy online. We make a suite of internet privacy tools—including our browser and search engine—that shield you from the ads, trackers, and other creepy stuff trying to follow you across the web.

50 million people have already switched to Brave for a faster, more private web. Hundreds of thousands more sign up every day. It only takes 60 seconds to switch.

Think switching is a hassle? It’s not. With Brave, you can easily import bookmarks, extensions, even saved passwords from your old browser. It’s just one click in onboarding. Or download and import later.

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In today's world, privacy is fundamental, something that most people underestimate. Our privacy is everywhere, from the moment we turn on our mobile phones, tablets, or computers to taking a photograph or even when browsing the internet. Our data is important; our privacy is important.

That's why has emerged, a partner of Proton (Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, Proton VPN y Proton Pass). The purpose of Privacy is to raise awareness among users about the importance of individual and collective privacy, especially in the realm of technology. To achieve this, Privacy offers talks and advice on this topic for those interested, providing tips on how one can protect themselves against any threat using the knowledge gained as a specialist in cyber intelligence. also conducts audits to prevent attacks or attempts to steal information, whether personal, sensitive, confidential, or classified. does not collect user information. The service uses Matomo for website visit statistics. Information received through the contact form is protected on Proton Mail servers (Switzerland). The email received through the form will only be used for contact purposes and will not be sold or shared with anyone.

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